Megaladapis Madagascariensis, cropped

Megaladapis Madagascariensis, the Giant Lemur

Megaladapis Madagascariensis
Megaladapis madagascariensis, Koala lemur, extinct species of giant lemur that once inhabited the island of Madagascar. Colour printed (chromolithograph) illustration by F. John from “Tiere der Urwelt” Animals of the Prehistoric World, 1910, Hamburg. From a series of prehistoric creature cards published by the Reichardt Cocoa company.

“The investigative journalist Linda Moulton Howe recently (2-26-13) appeared on the Sasquatch Watch Canada podcast to play recordings of the interview that she did with Ketchum on February 14, 2013, the day after she self-published her DNA study in her Denovo Scientific Journal. Early in the interview, Howe asks her which primate best fits the DNA profile for the unknown male progenitor of the Bigfoot species. Ketchum replies:

“It’s headed a little more towards the lemur line, oddly enough. It is definitely not an ape. And it’s interesting that we found out there is an extinct lemur that weighed four or five hundred pounds. And also they have opposable thumbs and hooded noses. It really freaked me out that we had lemur. I didn’t expect that.””



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