Called Dogman, Wolfman, Werewolf, the canine-headed creature with an upright, human-shaped body is seen stalking our forests and–sometimes–our city streets and suburban neighborhoods.


The Dogman in History

The “dog man” of old was known in many cultures as the Cynocephali. Cynocephali is from the Creek meaning “dog-head”. Cultures from Egypt, Africa, India, China, Europe and England have legends of the men with dog heads.

Complete dog man civilizations may have existed in the distant past. The “Marmaritae” tribe reported lived in Cyrenaica which is located in North Africa.

In North America the Native Americans have the legend of the “Skin Walkers”. These are individuals that had the ability to shape shift and they often took the form of a wolf that was bi-pedal. Also in the Louisiana swamps you have the legend of the Loup Garou aka rougaro.

Dogman in the Media


Paranormal Witness, Season 3, Episode 9, “The Wolf Pack”

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