Megaladapis Madagascariensis, cropped

Sasquatch Origins

Megaladapis Madagascariensis, the Giant Lemur “The investigative journalist Linda Moulton Howe recently (2-26-13) appeared on the Sasquatch Watch Canada podcast to play recordings of the interview that she did with Ketchum on February 14, 2013, the day after she self-published her DNA study in her Denovo Scientific Journal. Early in the interview, Howe asks her which primate best fits the DNA profile for the unknown male progenitor of the Bigfoot…

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The Goatman is described as a large (between 6 and 8 feet tall), upright, bipedal creature, with a furry lower half of a goat, including hooves, and the torso of a man, sometimes covered in fur. The head is human-like with the addition of horns. He sometimes wields an axe, may use mimicry to lure victims to a location, and enjoys scaring teens in cars on lonely roads. What is…

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Called Dogman, Wolfman, Werewolf, the canine-headed creature with an upright, human-shaped body is seen stalking our forests and–sometimes–our city streets and suburban neighborhoods. The Dogman in History The “dog man” of old was known in many cultures as the Cynocephali. Cynocephali is from the Creek meaning “dog-head”. Cultures from Egypt, Africa, India, China, Europe and England have legends of the men with dog heads. Complete dog man civilizations may have…

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